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Some Clerical Resume Objective To Catch Many Interview Calls

18th February 2011
A job hunter's resume objective is the only thing that keeps the hunter apart from other job hunters. A good written and understandable resume objective is a best approach to get interview calls and to secure a decent and good job in the competitive job m... Read >
Author: Anna Joseph

Microsoft Training Courses - Opening a Whole New Paradigm of Career Opportunities

16th November 2010
The standout provider of over 100 IT certifications has unveiled its latest series of Microsoft Courses, the industry-standard accreditation at minimal costs. These include Microsoft Access Training and Microsoft Excel Training and are available via Boot ... Read >
Author: netwind12

Top 3 Reasons for Fail Background Check

17th August 2010
Finding a job in this economy can be a daunting and difficult task. In a competitive job market employers become more stringent and will disqualify applicants that provide incorrect or incomplete information about themselves over the past 10 years. When e... Read >
Author: Real Background Checks

Study Abroad After College: Learn Spanish in South America for "Bridge Year"

01st April 2010
Savvy college grads have really begun to see their bridge year, the year after graduation but before work begins, as a great time to enhance the resume. If you can increase your fluency in a foreign language and gain some valuable work experience at the s... Read >
Author: Ken Ingraham

Creating a Talent Management Action Plan

12th February 2010
In many ways, the global economic recession has wiped the slate clean for many institutions and individuals. Business leaders intoxicated by the idea that their enterprises would ride the fortunes of highgrowth national and regional economies have lear... Read >
Author: Bobby

Your accomplishments on your resume

05th January 2009
Emphasizing hard-hitting accomplishments throughout your CV or résumé can sell you to a potential employer and effectively differentiate you from other equally qualified candidates. In today's competitive job market, recruiting managers prefer "results-... Read >
Author: Jide

How Many Pages a resume or CV Should Have

05th January 2009
A number of recruitment professionals prefer a one-page CV that is compact, clear, concise, and relevant to the job because of the sheer volume of CVs they receive and the time it takes to sort them. However, this is not a rule of thumb, and you cannot sa... Read >
Author: Jide
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