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Learn to Stop Financial Fraud by Taking Centennial College’s Program

12th April 2011
Job titles such as forensic accounting/ litigation consultants, tax auditors, gaming investigators, insurance investigators, bank investigators and internal auditors all fall under the umbrella of Financial Fraud Investigation. This relatively new field h... Read >
Author: centennial

How Do I Create a Canadian Style Resume?

10th June 2010
Finding employment in Canada is competitive, but by keeping sight of what Canadian employers are looking for in a resume, the chance of landing that dream job increases exponentially. The format and contents of a Canadian-style resume are a little differe... Read >
Author: Mac Patel

886 Skilled Sponsored 5 year Permanent Visa

17th March 2009
If you are a student who has graduated from at least a 2 year registered course, in Australia, in the last 6 months prior to applying for a visa, which is closely related to the chosen occupation, or you hold a "476" (Skilled - Recognised Graduate) visa o... Read >
Author: arif12

The Truth About Freelance Photography

05th January 2009
The Truth about Freelance Photography The facts are that photography leads the way when it comes to the number of professionals in the field who work as freelancers. Over half of all photographers freelance and the demand for qualified and experienced ... Read >
Author: murrayed
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