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Indian Real Estate Websites, Property Sites India, Properties Sale-Anytimeproperty.com

15th March 2010
Anytimeproperty is a top residential, commercial real estate property site in India. Leading best real estate property sites, properties websites, portals, listings, in India to buy sell rent or lease property, properties like homes, flats, apartments, ho... Read >
Author: Anytimeproperty

A Job Offer with No Benefits? No Problem.

16th February 2009
Competition is tight for jobs these days. None of us can afford to be picky. If that job offer finally trickles in, don't reject it just because benefits aren't offered. Instead, take a few moments to weigh out the pro's and con's of having your own perso... Read >
Author: Jeni Stevens

Seven Mistakes People Make When Trying To Win Their Ex- Back

09th January 2009
Most people get very desperate when they are trying to get their ex- back and this desperate feeling usually leads to some big mistakes that totally destroy their chances of ever actually getting their ex to come back to them. If you currently find yourse... Read >
Author: Marvin J. Markus

Why A Good Eye Contact Flirt Is Essential

18th November 2008
An eye contact flirt says a lot more than you know. It has a way of just making every intention clear and drawing two people to each other. But, what is it about an eye contact flirt? This is a very good question and, you will definitely find a good answe... Read >
Author: Francis K Githinji

Is Pursuing a Career in Patent Law the Right Move for You?

12th September 2005
Is Pursuing a Career in Patent Law the Right Move for You? Copyright 2005 Lisa Parmley Intellectual Properties Enterprises, Inc http://www.PatentBarStudy.com Did you know that you might be eligible to gain entry into the field of patent law e... Read >
Author: Lisa Parmley
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