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Why Don't More Women Become Engineers?

01st February 2010
It's no secret that the Engineering field is utterly dominated by males. For one reason or another, very few women aspire to become an Engineer. "The real challenges for reaching out to young women is to get over the stereotype that this isn't something g... Read >
Author: Brandon Weber

The importance of Automotive Engineering

28th February 2009
What is Automotive Engineering? The automotive engineering degree program comprises a four-year bachelor's degree that mainly concentrates on acquiring the automotive engineering skills that is extremely essential for the automotive industry at present... Read >
Author: Kathleen Chester

Jay Abraham's Income Building System- Scam or Profitable?

25th July 2007
While poking around the internet, searching for new ways to make money and to abandon "corporate life", I stumbled upon Jay Abraham's Income Building Home Study System website which opened up with this statement: "I know $5.4 Billion is a bit unbelievable... Read >
Author: keber

The Act Of Being Politically Correct Has Gone From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

11th December 2005
By: David G. Hallstrom, Sr. There was a time that being politically correct meant speaking and acting in a considerate manner to others. Now it means speaking and acting in a manner acceptable to the Hollywood and politically left wing Elite who have a... Read >
Author: David Hallstrom

Is Pursuing a Career in Patent Law the Right Move for You?

12th September 2005
Is Pursuing a Career in Patent Law the Right Move for You? Copyright 2005 Lisa Parmley Intellectual Properties Enterprises, Inc http://www.PatentBarStudy.com Did you know that you might be eligible to gain entry into the field of patent law e... Read >
Author: Lisa Parmley
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