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Ogdopus Home Delivery Software Enables Trouble Free Home Delivery Business

21st January 2011
Ogdopus is a scheduling software that is based on Google Android and is used in home delivery of products. It works on Android smart phones and enables small delivery companies to track their products while itís moving for home delivery. Ogdopus home deli... Read >
Author: Michelle J Scott

The Courier Industry Isnít What It Used to Be

07th January 2011
When you think of a courier service, many people still picture it as a luxury service for legal documents, special parcels, or other important items. They imagine that these services are outside of their budget, and avoid looking at what these parcel deli... Read >
Author: Rodrick45

Factors to consider when choosing a good Courier Delivery and Light Haulage company

16th September 2010
Courier delivery services are indispensable for all business and domestic services, relieving customers from the tensions associated with timely delivery of consignments. What should you consider when choosing a Courier Delivery company? The courier ... Read >
Author: David Bryan

Voice Recognition and Response

28th July 2010
Voice recognition and voice response promise to be the easiest method of providing a user interface for data entry and conversational computing, since speech is the easiest, most natural means of human communication. Voice input and output of data have no... Read >
Author: ling

Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Delivery ‚Äď A Delicate Form of Courier Service

09th July 2010
Modern courier delivery services are one of the important components of a vital business function, and that is, transporting the finished goods or product. Their ability to efficiently deliver the products of one company to another firm, or directly to co... Read >
Author: royhazen
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