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Unconventional Gifts for Valentine’s Day

18th February 2011
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and finding that perfect, unconventional gift can sometimes be a right challenge. Chocolates, flowers and sweets are all lovely presents but are ones that every girl has had far too many of from previous boyfriend... Read >
Author: annstar

Fun Things to do with Friends

02nd July 2010
‘A friend in need is a friend indeed' is an age old cliché which has been associated with the concept of friendship ever since man started making friends. This proverb preaches the importance of standing by your friends through good times as well as ba... Read >
Author: John

A guide to Dubai for honeymoon couples

25th November 2009
Dubai is slowly becoming one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world. This city has a lot to offer honeymooners including luxury hotels, beautiful resorts, great shopping and plenty of interesting tourist attractions. Although not the... Read >
Author: Paul Symonds

7 Marriage Proposal Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Love

28th September 2009
Here are some marriage proposal ideas to give you some inspiration for your special moment.I suggest that you never copy an idea word for word but to take an idea and make it unique to you and your lady!1. You could arrange for a nice day at the spa follo... Read >
Author: b-moc

Winter Honeymoon Ideas

13th August 2006
Given the heat of summer, more and more people are turning to winter weddings. This makes winter honeymoons a subject you need to give some consideration to when doing your planning. Winter Honeymoon Ideas When you picture your honeymoon, you might ... Read >
Author: Richard Rspad
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