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Examine the impact of the World Trade Organisation on the Indian economy.

23rd March 2011
IMPACT OF THE World Trade Organisation ON THE INDIAN ECONOMY • INTRODUCTION : The World Trade organization was established to deal with all the major aspects of international trade and it had far reaching effects not only on India’s foreign trade but al... Read >
Author: thisishiral

Milk products in India

25th October 2010
Mahesh Gupta maheshgupta@foodindiamart.com 1.Policies regarding innovative milk products are well based on growing demand for pure and natural milk products in India. The strategic thrust placed on new openings in indigenous milk products, functional an... Read >
Author: Mahesh Gupta

Corporatization of healthcare in India: The liberalization effect

07th May 2009
One of the most significant trends emerging in the wake of liberalization is the new vigour of the entry of corporate hospitals and multinationals in the health care scenario. The reason for this new tempo is the potential that India offers to NRIs and mu... Read >
Author: Shikha Suman

FDI in India- Luring World to Investment

21st January 2008
FDI in India- Luring World to InvestmentAn Article by Rajiv Tuli, Advocate*I. Introduction Foreign direct investment, in the common parlance, is defined as a company from one country making a physical investment into building of its business in another co... Read >
Author: Rajiv Tuli, Advocate

Foreign Direct investment

05th July 2007
FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment, a component of a country's national financial accounts. Foreign direct investment is investment of foreign assets into domestic structures, equipment, and organizations. Foreign direct investment is thought to be ... Read >
Author: Heidi Grumm

Massive Potential to Profit from Real Estate Investment in Romania

09th January 2006
According to a recent report released in the UK about which European property markets have the greatest potential for growth and profit over the coming decade, Romania topped the lot. Romania, located in southeastern Europe, is a nation poised on the b... Read >
Author: Rhiannon Williamson
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