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Restaurant Decor A Customer Attraction Measure for Restaurants

10th August 2011
A Restaurant is the best defined as a place where food, drink and desserts are prepared for the customers as per their taste and served to them in return for money. The restaurant serves specialty cuisines of the main Chef. The meals are served and eaten ... Read >
Author: brucssmith

Car Fog Lights

29th August 2009
Fog Lights Fog Lights Fog lights just like any other car light are use for better visibility, but the main difference from a head light and a fog light is that it gives more brighter and better visibility that a normal head light can't. Fog lights are... Read >
Author: HK

Calsilica - Is it Natural?? Is it Man-made?? Does it Really Matter??

09th January 2009
So what is calsilica and where does it come from? Rainbow Calsilica is a synthetic stone that is manufactured from a mixture of calcite, plastic and artificial coloring pigments. The different colored bands through Rainbow Calsilica are powdered carbonate... Read >
Author: Dale Arnold

The Importance Of Colors Used In Creating Websites

27th January 2006
Colors are very important in the creation of websites. They give a non verbal message to those who visit the websites, perhaps one that speaks more loudly than the verbal one that is given there. Some years ago, it was discovered that colors thems... Read >
Author: Codrut Turcanu
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