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Marriage compatibility in 21st century

22nd March 2012
There is a really renowned quotation which states that ‘marriages are made in heaven’ and I am sure you must have heard this quote and if not then must have read it somewhere. Well, it is undoubtedly a true fact since it is not we who decide o... Read >
Author: Astrovalley

Hindu astrology: A remedy for life

19th May 2011
Hindu astrology has its origin in India and dates back as far as 6500 BC. It is also known as Vedic astrology and jyotish (the science of light).Based on the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas, Hindu astrology is capable of improving every aspect of a p... Read >
Author: jassi022

Match making Uncover what the future has in store for you

17th March 2011
All of us have the innate desire to know about our future. We are curious to learn about our personal and professional lives. Whether you want to know about your career, health issues, marriage and match making or anything else, you can have all your ques... Read >
Author: Himanshu Shangari

Marriage compatibility of Aries with Leo

14th July 2010
Marriages from ages have been dependent on the horoscope compatibility of two zodiacs. Matching horoscopes, before marriage is a default practise, this is followed by the Indian families, before fixing the wedding alliance. Indians are always very cautiou... Read >
Author: Jharna Bhatnagar

Free Birth Chart Websites

24th November 2009
Several websites offer free birth charts reading namely: gotohoroscope.com, alabe.com, 0800-horoscope, freehoroscopesastrology.com, chaosastrology.net, and astrosage.com. It provides detailed interpretation of ones personality, love life, future, health a... Read >
Author: melissa

Best Birth Chart Sites

12th November 2009
Birth charts either for free or for a fee, are found on several sites like aboutastro.com, astro-software.com, gotohoroscope.com, astrosage.com, astro.cafeastrology.com, freehoroscopesastrology.com, chartplanet.com, astrolife.com, 0800-horoscope.com, and ... Read >
Author: melissa
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