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What to Do When Your Car Smokes More Than You Do

25th May 2012
People are keeping their cars and trucks longer due to the current economy. To get the most miles out of your car, you need to do routine maintenance on it and learn how to spot the signs of trouble. One sign of trouble is when smoke comes out of the exha... Read >
Author: Karen Campese

Pros and Cons of Becoming an Auto Mechanic

24th October 2011
Pros and Cons of Becoming an Auto Mechanic There are many negative and positive realities of being a car mechanic. You need to be acquainted with many of them before becoming 100 percent committed on chasing this career. By being involved in auto shop co... Read >
Author: Marc Webber

How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Car

20th December 2010
Knowing what type of oil your car needs is very important. The engine in your car relies on oil to keep your car running. Having the proper oil in your car can extend the life of your engine, as well. This guideline will provide you with three easy-to-fol... Read >
Author: M. Ortiz

How Does Your Fuel Gauge Work?

16th July 2009
We all know we are running out of fuel when what happens? Yep, that little yellow light starts lighting up on the dashboard. Like Pavlov's dogs, we know it is time to fuel up, but how does our car know that it needs gas? Let's take a look. The fuel tan... Read >
Author: Dirk Gibson

Looking for best place to buy reconditioned car? Look at Woodstock-Cartrading

10th March 2009
If you are looking for a Japanese reconditioned car, then you are not alone in the row. There are thousands of other people also who plan to go for reconditioned car from Japan. But what is the reason behind such decision? Why so many people prefer to buy... Read >
Author: articlelink01@gmail.com

Do high performance filters really work?

21st June 2008
Do high performance filters really work? Do induction kits really provide 35% more power? Here we try and shed some light on the subject.The first example is a so called high performance flatbed filter replacement:We threw out our old GUD Filter and repla... Read >
Author: Jose Smit

The Importance of Car Alarms For Automotive Security

15th April 2007
Don't underestimate a car alarm's value. Usually modern cars have alarms, but older cars are left vulnerable. There are many good reasons to fit a car alarm. Thus, if you do not have one installed in your car, you should consider getting one for your s... Read >
Author: Andrew Jamaz
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