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Managing an Active Directory Performance Lesson 3 Review

17th May 2011
1.You discuss performance monitoring with Margie. During your conversation, you learn no one has ever used MCSE System Monitor to check the performance of her domain controllers. Margie wants to know why anyone would even bother. What would you say to he... Read >
Author: June

Changing server password from command prompt

28th March 2011
Imagine a situation in which a system administrator of a company gets terminated, leaves the company abruptly or set such complex password that he himself forgets. What will happen? Everybody will be in a tight situation as everything goes to standstill. ... Read >
Author: Amrita

NSIT and KIIT chosen to set up incubators for Orissa entrepreneurs

27th April 2010
The Ministry of MSMEs has chosen the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) in Berhampur and Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) University in Orissa besides 22 other reputed institutes to fulfil its goal of setting up well-equi... Read >
Author: David Parks
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