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You understand the working principle of laser pointer

01st October 2010
Inspired by the need to use certain objects through the use of specialized transmission highlight Laser pointer for different applications. Most laser pointers are barely visible unless seen through the generated Rayleigh scattering of light, moderate con... Read >
Author: Bill

Laser Dazzlers Now Used by Military and Law Enforcement Personal

16th October 2008
After the United Nations banned all blinding weapons in 1995, military and law enforcement agencies have been researching the use of non blinding laser weapons. The Laser Dazzler is the culmination of years of research and is now being deployed world wide... Read >
Author: Frank

Powerful laser weapons for the Indian Army

13th October 2008
Following in the footsteps of the US Armed Forces, the Indian Army soldiers will soon be armed with laser guns to help take on militants without even firing a single shot.The Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC), a DRDO laboratory, has developed '... Read >
Author: Shane

A DIY Alarm System with Laser Beams

18th September 2008
Burglaries are on the rise everywhere and home breakings are now an every day occurrence. Securing your home with an alarm system is now essential. In a few simple steps, this article with explain how to build a laser alarm system. The following is a l... Read >
Author: Frank
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