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What is Coordinate Measuring Machine?

25th November 2010
A coordinate measuring machine, or CMM, is a sophisticated optical device used for measuring physical and geometrical characteristics of a certain object. This modern machine can be controlled manually by a human operator or it can be controlled by a comp... Read >
Author: DavidFrost

Ten Benefits of Laser Cutting Machines

19th July 2010
Modern manufacturers are using laser cutters more than ever. This is because laser cutters are very precise, making it easy for manufacturers to cut materials quickly and with incredible speed and precision. Used primarily in industrial manufacturing, las... Read >
Author: maloyalaser

How Fraxel Works

16th July 2010
Fractional laser is a technique of breaking up a single beam of laser light into lots of tinier beams. For instance, if a regular cosmetic laser beam spot size is 5 or 10 millimeters in diameter, then a single dot of a fractionated laser light is less tha... Read >
Author: tattoomd

Gage Block and Pin Gauge Basics

27th June 2009
What are Gage Pins? A gage pin is a two inch cylindrical pin that is often used along with the sine bar to help to determine a range of precise measurements. A gage pin is able to provide an easily accessible surface and a known height which can be used ... Read >
Author: pluggage
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