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How iPhone Developers Can Use Push Technology In iPhone Application Development?

30th May 2012
IPhone developers can use push technology to their advantage because this would allow them to send content through server applications directly to apps installed on iPhone devices. This is a major technology boost that would help tremendously in outsource... Read >
Author: chiragaegis

What Is The Best FTP Server Software program To Use?

03rd June 2011
If you might be looking to discover the best FTP server application offered right now then you happen to be in luck because in this write-up I am heading to disclose the most popular FTP server software for use right now as effectively as some helpful det... Read >
Author: geraldtudo81

How to Recover SQL Data from Suspect Mode?

20th May 2010
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): At the time of SQL Server installation, the database users are given an integrated environment called SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The function of SSMS is to successfully configure, manage, develop and access a... Read >
Author: Sys Tools

SQL Server database showing Suspect error

19th March 2010
With SQL Server installation, database users are provided with an integrated environment named SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Its function is to successfully configure, manage, develop and access all the SQL server components in a collaborative mann... Read >
Author: nucconverter

Windows Unable to Start SQL - Error 10022 Displaying

17th September 2009
There are two basic components of the MS SQL Server and they are the 'data files' and 'transaction log files'. The latter i.e. the transaction log files record uncommitted transactions of the databases. A situation unfortunately possible to arise is of SQ... Read >
Author: Evan Swans

Cisco Router IOS Upgrade Procedure Simplified!

22nd June 2009
"How do I upgrade the IOS on my Cisco router" is a common question. However, it isn't imperative to upgrade the IOS on your Cisco router as soon as you get it; the commands residing in version 11.x are 95% the same as in 12.x. The Cisco CCNA exam focuses ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Inconsistency Assertions 3624 or Error Message 7987 in SQL Server

09th January 2009
SQL Server errors are not hostages of only the complex operations, but while the normal and usual operations like SELECT and UPDATE are attempted; several error messages may also be seen. The error messages, as mentioned below, indicate that the SQL datab... Read >
Author: Simpson

SQL Server Applications

17th April 2008
SQL server applications are generally used as the backend when designing a software application. They are widely used in n-tier application models, as they improve execution and increase scalability. A SQL server application is nothing but a database syst... Read >
Author: van
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