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Diy Paper Lanterns

01st June 2011
Paper lanterns arrive in various styles and measurements and have grow to be the most popular Do it yourself decor thought, of late. They are utilised to light up apartments, households, as nicely as utilized as Wedding ceremony decorations. Once can use ... Read >
Author: randalso45

Taboos, Superstitions and Non-Religious Beliefs

05th May 2010
Non-religious beliefs are part of the culture and tradition of every country and will be encountered in various forms and guises everywhere in the world. They include manifestations such as legends, myths and folklore, omens, premonitions and other kinds ... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Name Meanings - Why Are They Important?

25th July 2008
A given name or a first name is the name given to a person to differentiate that person from someone else in the family or someone who carries the same surname or last name. This name is given to a person by the parents or guardians. The name is not carri... Read >
Author: Ling Tong

Philippine Love - So you want to marry a Filipina?

27th March 2007
Philippine Love - So you want to marry A Filpina? Getting wed to a Philippines woman is a great thing but not always huge for everyone, it's that old story, a Philippines woman can be all things to a man, but not every Philippines woman can be all thi... Read >
Author: Keith Driscoll
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