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Take the Benefits of Modern Technological Advancements

13th August 2012
Both the words GPS and Sat Nav. have gradually crept into everyday use. They are often used interchangeably. 2 Din GPS Navigation is short for Global Positioning System and stereo system. It is the collective name for a group of satellites that are in orb... Read >
Author: Ariel Linford

Seven Regular methods for emergency response for GPS Navigation Car DVD Player

07th June 2011
Currently, car DVD players, GPS trackers and other devices, GPS have been, well into our daily life.Especially Special use DVD Player Built in GPS is very popular and privileged area in the world. For those who can travel, hiking, camping, skiing, climbi... Read >
Author: stage

Beijing BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction - Beidou navigation, GPS navigator - au

17th June 2010
BD Star Navigation BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Beijing in 2000, along with China's Compass navigation satellite was successfully launched in China determined to promote development of satellite navigation and positioning industry responsibilit... Read >
Author: cheop
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