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Using HRIS To Improve Efficiency

30th March 2011
HRIS is short for Human Resources Facts System, and also is a solution for tiny to mid-sized businesses to automate and successfully manage their HR exercises like payroll, management plus accounting activities. An HRIS generally allows you to successfull... Read >
Author: Barticles

Protect your Employees and your Company with HR Policies and Procedures

02nd July 2010
The government requires all companies to follow several laws and regulations concerning employees and employer's rights. If the company breaks any of these regulations or laws, the company could face severe fines and legal action. The best way to protect ... Read >
Author: articlelink01@gmail.com

When Do HR Professionals Look Online for HR Software?

19th July 2009
If you are going to online market an HRIS software or HRMS software application, it's important to know when the HR profession looks online for HR software applications. The information I present in this article is based on results shown from Google Adwor... Read >
Author: Clay C. Scroggin

HRIS and HRMS, Is There a Difference?

17th July 2009
As an HRIS Solution, AKA HR software, HRMS solution, HR Payroll Software, web vendor, I am constantly searching for new keywords to improve our rank and thus, we track over one hundred and fifty unique HR software related keywords. The problem is many of ... Read >
Author: Clay C. Scroggin
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