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Nautical Charts

21st September 2011
Nautical charts are graphic representations of a sea area and neighbouring coastal regions. Charts come in various scales and consequently the information contained on a chart varies. The following information is normally included; depths of water and hei... Read >
Author: kenjones

History of the Turks and Caicos Islands

01st March 2010
The Turk and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean home both a home to modern day dwellers and a treasured destination spot for those seeking a more provincial island get-away experience. The islands, eight larger and a smattering of several dozen smaller, incl... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

History of fashion: Minoan Crete

17th February 2010
Minoan costume was one of the four styles that led to the development of Greek attire. It also influenced clothing in the coastal regions of the Black Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and in some areas of inland Asia. It is accepted that the concept of cut ... Read >
Author: Allen
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