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Top Ten Guitarists of all Times

06th June 2012
Jimi Hendrix Johnny Allen Hendirx popularly known as Jimi Hendrix tops the list of the “Top Ten Guitarists of all Times”. In his rather short career he completely revolutionized guitar playing and created a lasting impression which still influences gui... Read >
Author: nuttall90

Bass Strings Review

03rd June 2011
We're your resource for honest bass string reviews. We analyze all of the main types of bass strings, together with makers.We realize that bass strings are a highly personalized product choice. Everyone has their own requirements in terms of overall tone,... Read >
Author: Leonardo Levine

Relative Pitch Training - How I Improved

11th August 2010
In this write-up I'm going to talk about relative pitch training! It's anything that's actually hard to know precisely the way to train nonetheless with the suitable advice you'll be able to understand several relative pitch ear training exercises that co... Read >
Author: mark sherris

Learn Acoustic Guitar Left Hand

10th September 2009
Did you know nearly 90% of the world's population is born right-handed? Yes, these are simply people who use their right hand to write with and almost everything else. Quite rarely do they use their left hand. Left-handed musicians are the minority of... Read >
Author: Liam Gibson

Guitar Practice Scales - 5 Reasons To Learn Guitar Scales For Improvement

27th August 2009
Guitar practice scales are often overlooked when it comes to beginning guitarists. They might think, "I just want to know how to play guitar tunes!" That statement may appear very ambitious for a new guitarist, but developing a strong guitar foundation... Read >
Author: honestkyle

The Fretboard Master

23rd October 2005
Having been a guitar player for over 20 years, I am often amazed at the number of guitarists that have never taken the time to learn the notes on their fretboard. I have met guitar players that gig on a regular basis, and yet are unable to find a C# on th... Read >
Author: Peter Jones

The Great Guitar Playing Secret

04th October 2005
So, you want to be a guitar player huh? You want to strut like Chuck Berry, be as cool as Keith Richards, rock like Jimi Hendrix and astound like Steve Vai. You want to wake up in the morning a beginner and go to bed at night an expert. You want to be her... Read >
Author: Peter Jones
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