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The Cairo Guide to the Best Oriental Sweets in Ramadan

15th November 2011
No matter where or how you eat your fetar during Ramadan, thereís a 99.9% chance that youíll end up having oriental sweets for dessert. And any family occasion or a friendís sohour party must be accompanied by a box of oriental delicacies. This is an inhe... Read >
Author: Cairo360

Philosophy of Palm Tree

06th November 2009
Each of us must know the name palm tree. Even if not seen directly, but we never felt the sweetness of dates, especially when in season or during Hajj Ramadan fasting month. This tree is not unusual to grow in areas other than desert. Why can only grow in... Read >
Author: Arwan

Mobile Ramadan Calendar application

20th August 2009
iMobile has recently re-launched it's free mobile Ramadan calendar application. iRamadan Time is a first ever free mobile Ramadan timings calendar application for year 2009. iRamadan mobile application calculate and assuring to brings you the authenticate... Read >
Author: iMobile: Free mobile applications

Muslim Traditions of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

17th August 2009
What is Ramadan? Each year, the Muslim community around the world observes its most sacred holiday, Ramadan. The ninth month of the Muslim lunar year, it is a time of intensive worship, inner reflection, close connection to God, and obligatory fasting ... Read >
Author: Challah Connection

Didim Akbuk Turkey

29th May 2009
In Didim Akbuk, where almost 10000 Englishman dwell, tourism period keeps going on till the end of the October; however, it's visible that it shelters only a little number of native tourists due to the month of Ramadan and the start of educational period.... Read >
Author: sm911

Ramadan in Paksitan (Ramadan gifts to Karachi Pakistan)

02nd July 2008
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year. The importance of this month is due to the fasting month for all the Muslim. Allah ordered all Muslims by the last profit Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) to fast in the month of Ramadaan from Fajr till M... Read >
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