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How To Motivate Your Call Center Agents At A Low Cost

26th May 2011
Life would be so easy if everyone was intrinsically motivated! However, more often than not, it's up to management to maintain employee morale and motivation. To activate and inspire self-motivation and boost 'morale' amongst employees, you need to be a d... Read >
Author: PMane

How Delegates Benefit from Event Management Software

05th January 2011
Event management software is always a fantastic tool for event managers - helping them to manage more successful, efficient events. However there are additional benefits, other than the time and cost savings; delegates will often benefit directly from att... Read >
Author: kateoxton

Time Management For Hair Salon Owners

22nd December 2010
How to Grasp Time As a salon manager using the obligation that goes with that position, it's rather common to discover your self working lengthy hours with little time to take a breath. Even when you totally appreciate your operate (and believe me, I d... Read >
Author: bartrios9968

The Use of Social Media In Event Management

23rd March 2010
Social media is fast becoming an indispensable part of an event planner's toolbox. Social media is described as a type of website that is based on user generated content and user participation. Examples of social media sites are Twitter, LinkedIn and Face... Read >
Author: kateoxton

Trademark controversy of ugg boots

05th January 2010
Each mark has its own trademark. there are also trademark dispite. In 1971, Shane Stedman registered the term Ugh-boot and other terms as trademark with the Australian Trade Mark Registry. ugg boots online shop These trademarks lapsed due to non-usage, b... Read >
Author: guoguo

Career Advice: How To Identify and Deal With Insecure Bosses

05th January 2010
Few things are more destructive to a career than a boss who is insecure. Unfortunately, it is a near certainty that most people will encounter one or more such persons along the career path Employers are also adversely impact by the actions of an insec... Read >
Author: Ramon Greenwood

Resolving “The Delegate page is not available” Exchange Server Error

01st October 2009
In Microsoft Outlook, the Delegate access allows you to share Outlook resources, like appointment schedules, for enhanced coordination across various workgroups and throughout the organization. But in some situations, when you try to access the Delegate t... Read >
Author: Esher

Offshore Outsourcing – The Positives and Negatives!

24th September 2009
Business enterprises across the world are increasingly embracing offshore outsourcing and delegating their complex business functions to service providers located in offshore countries. In fact, offshore outsourcing has become a popular trend and is being... Read >
Author: Maneet Puri

Kidnap victim safe - narrow escape from car trunk!

26th March 2009
Amsterdam, NL - A 23-year old woman is safe today. Police say she was kidnapped in front of her hotel. During the lunch break, the woman who was attending a meteorological conference went outside to make a phone call. Two masked men attacked her in the al... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Custom Camera applications development using iPhone SDK

22nd March 2009
iPhone contains many useful features. One of them is build-in camera and Camera application system for making photos. It looks great but what about camera usage with native applications? iPhone SDK provides the capability of using camera through UIImagePi... Read >
Author: Enterra

How to plan the perfect party

16th June 2006
The top ten tips of planning your own partyFive do's of party planning1) Do –prepare so you can be a guest at your own partyPrepartion is the key to success so plan, plan, and plan. You will have to plan everything down to the last detail if you wan... Read >
Author: steve Butler

How to Leverage Your Strengths for Peak Performance

04th October 2005
Ask almost any business leader how to maximize performance and you'll hear, "tap into employees' strengths." Yet when it comes to their own careers, many executives still focus most of their personal development efforts on shoring up areas of weakness... Read >
Author: Dr. Robert Karlsberg
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