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Cable Ties: Plastic versus Hook and Loop

16th January 2012
While plastic cable ties have been around since 1958 and hook and loop ties since the early 90ís, customers for these two different cable ties are still divided into two camps. The decision to purchase a plastic or hook and loop cable tie is influenced b... Read >
Author: Project

Web page scraping, Website Scraping, Web Scraper, web data scraper

04th August 2010
Website scrapping which is also called screen scrapping is the process of extracting data from targeted websites using advanced web scraper tools. Website scrapping is done by using automated script or programs which are written using programming language... Read >
Author: Mitesh Dave

All about Mercury Automated Testing

22nd March 2010
Unattended - reduce cost Once developed, the automated testing can be executed unattended overnight, so repeating the testing requires very little resource or cost. Audit trail The tests are stored as automated scripts and the test results are stored... Read >
Author: Forest Mcbride

The Trend Towards Solid Modeling

17th January 2009
Solid Modeling is the representation of solid parts of an object, that is, models of solid objects suitable for computer processing. 3D solid modeling is used in computer-aided design (CAD), engineering analysis, computer graphics, medical testing, prod... Read >
Author: Siddhartha Mohanty
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