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MDX Tutorial Understand the Data Multidimensional Way

20th March 2011
MDX supports all modern database languages like SQL and Java. These languages are utilized even in manipulating and definition of data in a database. Column dimension and then e row dimension are used in retrieving the stored information in MDX. MDX is al... Read >
Author: Carlos Quijada

Find a Mobile Number Owner - Reverse Phone Lookup Tips

28th February 2011
If you like to a find mobile number owner then one of the best things to do is to perform the reverse phone search that allows you to trace the owners of those unregistered mobile numbers in your cellphone. This kind of lookup can produce relevant results... Read >
Author: PMane

MDF File Header Page is Corrupted - A Process of SQL Data Retrieval That You Can Try

15th January 2010
A Possible Problem with SQL ServerThis is a possible situation that while working with MDF files of SQL Server, you might encounter this problem where your hard disk is containing a database transaction log (*.ldf file) failed. On using sp_detach_db store... Read >
Author: Evan Swans
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