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Medical Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

04th March 2011
All things, including the human body emits infrared radiation when near room temperature and increases in proportion with the surrounding temperature. Thermal imaging cameras are a thermographic application that converts this infrared radiation into a vis... Read >
Author: Thomas

Dizziness Remedies

21st July 2010
Dizziness can be a common dysfunction of the human immune system. Dizziness is characterized by several symptoms. The most common sign of dizziness is the sense of the surrounding world going round even as one stands or sits at one place. This type of neu... Read >
Author: ememichael

Best Foot Drop Braces

23rd February 2010
How do you know if you have foot drop? If you find it tough to lift the front part of your foot off the floor, it is likely you have foot drop (aka drop foot). Usually, this is the only symptom associated with the condition. If you have this condition ... Read >
Author: J. Pal
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