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Sanitation and Hygiene When the SHTF

20th January 2011
In most disaster scenarios, sanitation is a major problem. After an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, in a war zone, or especially during a pandemic, your area will soon be contaminated with germs and disease. That means water, food, public restrooms... Read >
Author: Matthew Zornes

Workout Routines for Men - Special Forces Workout Routine

30th November 2010
Definitely one of the most difficult ( nonetheless helpful) workout routines for men that I have come across is the training that we find in the field of military service and especially the extraordinary requirements and operational duties placed upon mem... Read >
Author: natejohnson78

Metal Gear Solid and Psychology

25th March 2010
is Hideo Kojima's "Metal Gear Solid" series. Being a game that both embraces the psychology of war and carries a strong pacifist undercurrent, there is a complexity in the cast of characters that is necessary. To an extent, all of the characters have s... Read >
Author: Nathaniel Pollard

Military Life, Stress, Cold Sores and Canker Sores

30th June 2008
You may think you know what to expect. Family Resource Groups (FRGs) may give classes to spouses for how to handle the stress, the worry, and the sudden shock of a different way of living. But if you're a military spouse or the close relative of a young m... Read >
Author: Janet Malley
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