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Nicholas Carr embraces Cloud Computing in his Latest Publication

23rd August 2011
In the end, the best way to understand the import of cloud computing is through the disruptive innovation framework laid out by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen in his 1997 book The Innovatorís Dilemma. Drawing on a breadth of researc... Read >
Author: liza252

Purposeful Management

05th November 2009
Only about 10 percent of managers work purposefully to complete important tasks, according to a 10-year study of managerial behavior across a variety of industries. The other 90 percent self-sabotage by busily engaging in non-purposeful activities, procra... Read >
Author: Joel Booker

Nasha Fitter on how MBAs can manage job search better

02nd November 2009
In an exclusive interview with Amrita Das of MBAUniverse.com, Nasha Fitter gives tips on how MBAs can improve language skills, write better CVs, and leave a lasting impression on interviewers. The art of communication and presenting oneself before pro... Read >
Author: MBAUniverse

Warren Buffett

15th October 2009
Born August 30, 1930 (1930-08-30) (age 79) Omaha, NebraskaNationality AmericanOccupation Chairman & CEO, Berkshire HathawaySalary US$ 100,000Net worth US$ 62.0 billion (2008)Spouse(s) Susan Buffett (1952–2004) (her death),Astrid Menks (2006-)Chi... Read >
Author: Vicky Advani

How Much Do MBA Graduates Make?

04th June 2009
The MBA or Masters of Business Administration is widely viewed as a ticket to a high salary job whether on Wall Street or in Corporate America. There are obviously many variables that contribute to high MBA earnings including the school attended, the fiel... Read >
Author: Robert Levin
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