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Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces - Small Round Dining Tables

20th August 2010
There is something enchanting about the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. They surely have made quite a history of themselves by giving something to the world: hope through bravery and chivalry. They are a legend and for sure, ... Read >
Author: Tiffany LeFleur

The Age of Camelot and our Dreams

25th January 2010
From the late fifth century to the early sixth century is the setting for a beloved British figure of some romantic significance. It is the time period King Arthur and Knights of The Round Table are believed to have loved and reigned and ruled in Camelot.... Read >
Author: Devon Mcdaniel

Fantastic Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

08th July 2009
Fantastic Holiday Cottages in Cornwall There's nothing like a holiday to find peace of mind and ease your day to day worries. Holiday cottages in Cornwall are the perfect way to unwind, enjoy the scenery and take a break from reality. Toad Hall Cot... Read >
Author: eddieb

Types And Uses of Medieval Armor

04th September 2008
MailThe earliest form of medieval armor -- mail (a.k.a. "chain mail") -- traces its origins back to around 500 BC. The Celtic people developed this kind of armor -- iron rings woven together into a protective garment -- and the Roman Army later copied thi... Read >
Author: John Hilde
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