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Are you a prodigy ? Look at this online intelligence test

06th May 2011
IQ statistics: The common IQ is 100. In fact, most people have the IQ between 90 and 109. Intelligence Quotient Stats exist and they are the foregoing: When you get from one hundred ten to 119, we say you have an high cleverness (sixteen Percent of the po... Read >
Author: iqtesting94

Ray Ban Sunglasses: a glorious past

09th October 2009
Ray Ban sunglasses boast a glorious history beginning from their birth in 1937. Ray Ban is a sunglasses manufacturer founded back in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb for the United States Army Air Corps. Few years earlier, after a balloon flying, Lieutenant ... Read >
Author: Christie Barrett

Avant-Garde Prints: Andy Warhol

12th June 2009
The Avant-garde Movement was said to have been a controversial period of cultural resistance because it aimed to push the social and political boundaries of 17th century France. Avant-garde artists aimed to resist covention and aimed to convince society t... Read >
Author: Nikki Sabato

Jed Johnson - A Famous Modern Interior Designer

15th April 2009
Jed Johnson was born on December 30, 1948 in Alexandria, Minnesota, USA. At the age of nineteen, Johnson arrived with his twin brother in Manhattan. He was involved in the production of movies in the factory of Andy Warhol, the famous American artist, and... Read >
Author: George Baxter
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