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Shared Hosting Cpu Usage Limits And Other Shared Hosting Limitations

06th April 2011
Other thing to look out for in a shared hosting company is their technical support. Because the server is shared, there is a higher probability that your web site will suffer errors or problems. Therefore, you need a good technical support to help you fix... Read >
Author: Gen Wright

Your Alternative Cancer Cure May be in Your Kitchen

18th May 2010
Important points of this article: There is a current belief amongst an increasing number of medical researchers that cancer is caused by a fungus. Chemo therapy causes extreme collateral damage. Cancer can only live in an acid environment. Ca... Read >
Author: Mervyn Penny

I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back – The Anatomy of the Apology

15th January 2010
"I have to apologize if I want my ex girlfriend back?" he says to me. "But . . ." "It's not that hard," I tell him. "After all, dude, you did blow it." "Yeah, I know . . ." he mumbles. "But . . ." "No more buts!" I bluster at him. "Here is the wh... Read >
Author: Barbara Blackwell

Powerful laser weapons for the Indian Army

13th October 2008
Following in the footsteps of the US Armed Forces, the Indian Army soldiers will soon be armed with laser guns to help take on militants without even firing a single shot.The Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC), a DRDO laboratory, has developed '... Read >
Author: Shane
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