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Defy Plus is a brilliant cell phone

27th April 2012
Motorola’s first try at rugged smartphones was the IP67 certified DEFY and now they’ve launched its successor, the DEFY+. It’s got the same form factor, but the internals seem to have been modified. This one sports a faster processor and a newer version o... Read >
Author: jakson0100

Behringer MS40 Studio Monitors Article

04th July 2011
The powerful woofers and also tweeters provide an ultra-linear frequency response. There are two separate stereo analog inputs featuring 1/8- inch trs and stereo rca connectors that may be used simultaneously or mixed alongwith a digital stereo source. MS... Read >
Author: Dante Willis

Need to fix your shower water diverter?

08th December 2008
We've all been there at one point or another. Enjoying a nice relaxing shower, perhaps some singing ensues, and just in the chorus of our favourite balad, when, zing! A blast of intempent water suddenly disrupts a moment of well deserved peace. First, ... Read >
Author: Stephan Bevan
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