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Solutions to Fix the AdvrCntr2 DLL Error

07th March 2011
Advrcntr2.dll is an important file used by "Nero Burning ROM" to help control a large amount of data that your PC will be using to burn the CD's and DVD's on your PC. Whenever you load up the Nero application, and burn some CDs / DVD's with it, your compu... Read >
Author: SUMMER

How to benefit from a wallpaper web site

31st January 2011
Wallpaper websites are abundant for a very good reason. They are often a great revenue stream as there are numerous methods for making some profit through them. Due to this, you will discover that loads of wallpapers websites have adverts and other approa... Read >
Author: bikiniwalls

Santa Clause comes early. Love Christmas then love this

23rd November 2010
Get your FREE 'Vintage Christmas Countdown' Ebook. Christmas wouldn't be christmas without this ultimate guide! Each day of December through to Christmas day features articles about the history and origins of Christmas traditions plus vintage illustratio... Read >
Author: Tara Murphy

Does Explorer EXE Get Modified, Corrupted Or Infected? - The Best Solution to Fix Explorer EXE!

03rd September 2010
When you log into your account, explorer.exe starts: first you may see the task bar and all the icons, but suddenly they disappear, all you get is the desktop background. After rebooting, everything seems to be normal again, but soon you will only see the... Read >
Author: Tocolue

Steps to Fix the 0xc0000142 "Application Failed to Initialize" Error

07th July 2010
The 0xc0000142 error is caused by a series of corrupt or damaged system files on your computer that are preventing a program from being able to read or load the files it needs to run. This error typically shows with the cmd.exe (Command Prompt) program ... Read >
Author: Ianchan1985

Get 3d Desktop Wallpapers of All Sizes

20th March 2009
Wallpapers are the backgrounds that are found on computer monitors. Internet users can download free wallpapers from many websites. There are many types of wallpapers. One of the varieties is 3D wallpapers. Compared with other wallpapers, the 3D's are so ... Read >
Author: rojdesouza@gmail.com
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