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Find out how Faregeek Offers Cheap Flight booking Services to Worldwide

03rd May 2011
An online travel booking company, Faregeek has well and truly emerged as one of the most credible of all similar companies involved in this line of business. Offering cheap flight services is a trait that the company is recognized for in the industry. If ... Read >
Author: swtvijay

Searching for a Hajj package to perform Hajj?

16th March 2011
Every year thousands of Muslims from different parts of the world perform the sacred Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca. This Islamic pilgrimage is also known as Hajj and is one of the five duties which are also popularly called the five pillars of Islam compuls... Read >
Author: Jacob Watson

Airline Low cost Low cost Ticket Travel - 10 Scorching Ideas

23rd February 2011
We all want to get airline low-cost discount ticket travel and I have 10 actually very good suggestions to support you do just that. All of them are simple to do and all are completely legal and you could conserve up to 85% on the typical airfare. So, ahe... Read >
Author: Elton Dotson

An outline of some of the most common and unusual customer complaints to airline contact centres

21st April 2010
Firstly, lets look at the most common airline complaints that contact centre staff are faced with on a daily basis. A great deal of people get frustrated with missing connecting flights which disrupts their travel plans and potentially looses them mon... Read >
Author: JohnnySmith
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