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PVC Water Stop Seals, Water Stoppers, Water Bars

05th April 2011
PVC Water Stopper is a handy product to safeguard concrete constructions from excessive water pressure and leakage. Most important feature of PVC Water Bar is to adjust any expansion or contraction arising in the joints to avoid any damage to the structur... Read >
Author: Anuj Kr. Jain

concrete scanning imaging by G&S concrete cutting MD,DC,VA

25th November 2010
Concrete scanning imaging is used to locate the post tension cables, steel bars etc in construction. With use of Concrete Imaging technology, necessary information is acquired regarding the place of project undertaken. This scan helps in inspecting the ex... Read >
Author: gands

Concrete Sealers When To Use Them

30th October 2008
Concrete is a man-made construction product made by combining cement (containing lime), sand, gravel, and water. While concrete is one of the most useful materials used today in construction it is vulnerable and should be protected. The main weakness in c... Read >
Author: Debbie
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