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Lady Gaga Wig

15th June 2011
The likes of Woman Gaga, who really has established a massive stir is just one particular instance. Thankfully she is just so surprisingly different in her feeling of type and dress that there are merely loads of strategies to function with to turn out to... Read >
Author: Thomas Diaz

How to Promote your Music Video

24th February 2010
Are you one of those lucky ones who have their own music bands, like to play music and have your music videos but looking for ways to get your bands name out there? Or are you one among those millions of music artists who are looking for ways to establish... Read >
Author: Subhash Kandpal

The Origins of Reggae Music

05th September 2008
Reggae music actually has a very long history, possibly a longer history than some other kinds of music. Although it is believed that reggae is derived from many different kinds of music, its exact origins still remain a mystery. However one thing that we... Read >
Author: Nor Nan

The History of Trainers Part One

19th July 2006
In the first of our four part series looking at the world history of trainers, we look at the period from 1917 to 1972. This period includes a selection of some of the first trainers produced including the Stan Smith from Adidas and the Pro-Keds Royal Plu... Read >
Author: trainer shack

Why you should set up your own record label, and how to do it

20th May 2006
Music is changing. In fact, the music industry is changing; it is changing even faster than it realises. Major record labels are often up to speed on latest developments, but it is indie music that leads the way in the music world - and everyone else seem... Read >
Author: nathan hallford
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