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Develop Your Very own Fly Tying Bench to Complete Your Fly Fishing Journey

01st June 2011
Have you ever before wondered if it would really be feasible to develop your own fly tying bench? Regardless of whether you have been fly fishing for a few of years or a few of hours, it is time to come entire circle and last but not least total your fly ... Read >
Author: joanne

Walleye Fishing Rods: Walleye Fishing Tackle Details Here!

01st June 2009
Walleye Rods: Your Fishing Technique Will Choose Your Rod You need to understand your personal walleye fishing technique when you select your walleye tackle,particularly your walleye rods. Anglers who regularly use several walleye techniques during a d... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

The Crappie Minnow school: How To Make Live minnow Setups

15th April 2009
Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets Crappie Minnow Setups Crappie are a very curious species of fish and they love to attack schools of minnows to satisfy their amazing live bait appetite. The following minnow rig is designed to imitate a small ... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle
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