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Ireo Waterfront Plots Ludhiana

16th February 2012
Limited period investment opportunity at 500 acres integrated township IREO Waterfront, Ludhiana. This is a fantastic opportunity offering around 50% guaranteed appreciation. About IREO Waterfront- Waterfront Ludhiana is Ireo's prestigious integrated ... Read >
Author: Alex Smith

The Superiority of a Wall Mounted Fountain

24th June 2011
Large fountains positioned as the focal area of a lobby or courtyard are always impressive, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. For instance, many modern designers will actually opt for a wall mounted fountain rather than the grand and ma... Read >
Author: Polly Godwin

How To Organize Your Coat Closet Or Cloakroom

22nd December 2010
Most households have some sort of arrangement near the main entrance to their house, usually the front door, for storing residents' and visitors' coats. Some people have a simple row of hooks in the hall, whereas others have a dedicated coat closet or clo... Read >
Author: Owen Jones

Lady Strickland initiated build for Phoenicia Hotel

15th April 2009
The project to build the Hotel Phoenicia Malta was initiated in 1935 by Lady Strickland, who, in 1936, called the architect Lt.-Col. W. B. Binnie to study the conditions and design the hotel. At a time when travel between Malta and London took 60 hours, t... Read >
Author: Albert Saliba

Email Marketing Drives Repeat Business for Banquet Halls

11th January 2009
Email marketing is like a blizzard of good fortune for banquet hall owners and operators. It is essential in ensuring repeat business at a very reasonable cost and procuring new clients at the same cost efficient level. Of course the more repeat and new b... Read >
Author: RB

Beaches of Odessa Ukraine. Odessa travel guide.

09th June 2008
Odessa's beach, which actually is made up of several beaches running some 40 km or more, possesses a sea wall and small-scale eating and drinking establishments. Below please find a mini guide to main beaches of Odessa: Arkadia (or Arcadia) Beach Ar... Read >
Author: Helen
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