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Packet Classification and Packet marking

14th June 2011
Packet classification can be simple classification, based on Layer 2 or Layer 3 information, and is, as the name implies, a set of mechanisms that can distinguish one type of packet from other. An example of a simple packet classification mechanism is ... Read >
Author: ccie

Top 10 best Information Technology certifications in the industry

15th May 2009
IT certifications boast numerous benefits. They bolster resumes, encourage higher salaries, and assist in job retention. But which IT certifications are best? Technology professionals generate much debate over just that question. Many claim vendor-spec... Read >
Author: Richel Fox

Cisco CCIE Basic Information

06th October 2008
Basic Information For computer professionals who wish to demonstrate internetworking expertise. The top-of-the-line certification CCIE is for individuals who work specifically with Cisco products. It is currently one of the premiere IT certifications. ... Read >
Author: xena
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