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wood wicks for candles

10th June 2011
The moment it is a good temperature, close to 150 degrees, include the best pot of the double boiler that incorporates the wax. If you strategy on creating a great deal of these, a $15.00 metal pouring pot that is particularly designed for candle creating... Read >
Author: Jules Dunlap

Know About Nantes

12th August 2010
Nantes is a city located in western France. This city is located very close to Atlantic Coast. Nantes ranks sixth in terms of area occupancy in France. Its metropolitan area is 8th largest in France in terms of population. This city was historically an im... Read >
Author: JAson Kittle

The History of the Trumpet

19th August 2009
Who can deny the wonderful melodic tone of the trumpet? This great instrument is now used in many genres of music, from Christian Jazz to Classical. However, it wasn't always used this way. In its earliest form, the trumpet wasn't even used to move and in... Read >
Author: Vincent Bates

Mayan engineers constructed pyramids and elevated walkways from stone.

26th November 2008
They crafted immense pyramids, some of which were two hundred feet high, from stone, earth, and rubble. Mayan engineers constructed causeways and elevated walkways from stone. One of the wild jungle, without the benefit of motorized construction vehicles.... Read >
Author: sulamita

How You Can Cleanse Your Body With Water

30th October 2008
Are you concerned with your health? Do you feel sluggish or full of fatigue? If so, there may be an underlying medical condition. On the other hand, your body may be filled with unnatural chemicals, additives, and other toxins. Many of these unnaturals ar... Read >
Author: Krishan Bakhru

Know Your Baby's Gender Through The Chinese Birth Chart

26th September 2008
The Gregorian calendar has been revised from the Julian calendar by Aloysius Lilius and decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 A.D.. It includes 365 days plus a leap year every fourth year from 1584 until the 100 year mark, at which the leap year is skipped... Read >
Author: jdobson

The History of Wigs and Hairpieces

14th November 2007
Over the course of history, the wig, a man made head covering of real or artificial hair, has come and gone from fashion time and time again. Both men and women have worn wigs since the earliest recorded times. The ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and... Read >
Author: Donald Waldenson
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