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Ways To Fix Common Problems With Windows 7

17th May 2011
None of the operating systems from Microsoft is free from flaws and Windows 7 is also not an exception in this regard. Although the number of problem is are lesser than other Windows OS and the operating system is getting much better response than its ear... Read >
Author: James Madison

Alternate to Disk Utility to Resize an Existing Mac Volume

23rd February 2011
Disk Utility allows you to resize existing volumes without losing data, but there are a few limitations. Disk Utility can decrease the size of any volume, but it can only increase the size of a volume if there’s enough free space available between the vol... Read >
Author: Raymond Ross

Ways to Recover Deleted Dynamic NTFS File System Volumes

15th June 2010
Microsoft Windows operating system enables you to create dynamic disks to take advantages of the features, which are not provided by basic disks. These features include- ability to create mirrored volumes (fault tolerant volumes) and ability to create str... Read >
Author: Garry Thomson

Stop Error Message Interrupts Windows Partition Extending Process

09th June 2010
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server is a popular and advanced server operating system by Microsoft Windows. It includes a wide range of features, which make it more reliable, stable, and business-oriented. One such feature is to facilitate partition extending. ... Read >
Author: k madhav

How to expand system partition on Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk?

16th December 2009
As applications continue to be installed into the Windows system, suddenly one day find the system partition do not have enough free disk space, and when every time the system starts, Windows always prompts the following information: You are running out... Read >
Author: sary

GPT Shared Disks Issue in Windows Server 2003 Clusters

25th November 2009
GPT and MBR are two standard layouts used for partition table on a hard disk. In MBR-based partition table, the system inserts the disk partioning information in MBR itself, but the same information is placed in GPT header in GPT. The GPT-aware operating ... Read >
Author: buryshane

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without losing data in Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7

26th October 2009
In Windows, it's easy to the conversion of basic disk to dynamic disk, but convert dynamic disk to basic disk very annoying. And your operating system (such as Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7)can't be installed on a dynamic disk, so sometimes yo... Read >
Author: sary

Partition Loss in Windows When LDM Service Can’t Mount File System

09th July 2009
Fundamental disk storage in Windows supports partition-oriented disks. The fundamental or basic disk is a physical disk, which contains logical drives, primary partitions or extended partitions. Logical drives and partitions on basic disk also called basi... Read >
Author: mnkstllr

Windows Vista: Issues After Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk

21st April 2009
Windows Vista supports Dynamic Disk Volumes for its Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. In order to convert Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk, we can simply use 'Convert to Dynamic Disk' option of the disk through Disk Management. However converting back... Read >
Author: mnkstllr

Disk Space Issues While Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk

10th March 2009
Under dynamic disk storage, a single partition is involved which covers the entire hard disk, while the disk is divided into number of volumes. A dynamic disk may hold spanned volumes, mirrored volumes, simple volumes, striped volumes and RAID 5 volumes. ... Read >
Author: Andrew Juan
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