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Careers with best professional

07th November 2012
September is the starting point for many students who start college, studies that largely determine their future career. Though the vocation to be a key element when selecting a university degree, it is always desirable that the candidate knows the situat... Read >
Author: sanjeev yadav

View to your product structure tree

12th January 2011
Bill of Materials (BoM) Bills of Materials (BOM) are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines. The History Management function allows several types of BOM to be managed simultaneously, and can be operated according to the need... Read >
Author: eresourceerp

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP Software

17th June 2010
Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP softwares come with all the options and functions necessary and helpful for manufacturing companies. Infor Visual, Epicor 9 and Dynamics AX also provide options and functions for distribution thus these... Read >
Author: Nick Mutt

What is Constraint Logic Programming and what are Its Features?

11th May 2009
Constraint logic programming (CLP), a form of constraint programming, is placed at the intersection of logic programming, artificial intelligence and optimization. A constraint logic program contains constraints in the group of clauses. Constraint logic p... Read >
Author: Arun Kumar
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