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Baby Boomers and Age Discrimination

26th August 2009
The first thing you have to know is what baby boomers are and what ADEA is all about. First of all, baby boomers are people who were born during the period of increased birth rate. In the United States, baby boomers were born during the time after the Wor... Read >
Author: Jonathan Rojas

Social Ramifications of Sexual Harassment

31st July 2009
While women have gained several rights and recognition for their social and economic contributions, they are still the traditional victims of sexual harassment in different social settings, especially in the workplace. According to a study published by... Read >
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Respected California Labor Attorney On Age Discrimination Complaints with the EEOC, DFEH, and DLSE

17th April 2009
A California labor lawyer must face the difficult decision of choosing which state or federal agency to file a complaint with for a client's age discrimination, and a California labor attorney has a tough choice. Especially tough are the short statutes of... Read >
Author: Sebastian Gibson

How Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Plaintiffs Can Get A Lawsuit Cash Loan?

13th February 2009
No-Risk Lawsuit Funding for Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Plaintiffs. Employment discrimination lawsuit cash loan or settlement advance funding is a non-recourse cash loan provided to a plaintiff involved in an employment discrimination or workplac... Read >
Author: Paul Sherman
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