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The Technology Nowadays Make Living So Much Simpler!

07th January 2011
We are now living in a modern society that's great for the lazy person. We've got access to cell-phones, washing machines, electric toothbrushes and in many cases automated gates and garage doors. Our cars are so advanced that they pretty much drive thems... Read >
Author: PetroSolt

Starting Over at 47

27th October 2009
I always thought if I worked hard, I'd be employable. Back when I was twenty, it never occurred to me that by age 47 the world would consider me washed up. But it did. The work-a-holic hours and the "valuable" experience didn't ensure me a place in the wo... Read >
Author: Isiah Bond

Beggary: Issue and Challenge for the City Beautiful, Chandigarh

15th April 2009
Beggary: Issue and Challenge for the City Beautiful, ChandigarhBeggary is considered more or less one of the oldest professions of our society, though its tag has been usually contradictory with the parameter of law. Usually, people adopted begging becaus... Read >
Author: Vishal Saini
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