Teitur Jonasson ehf Iceland Strongest Company 2013 and 2014

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Published: 06th February 2017
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One of strongest and most renowned companies in Iceland, Teitur Jonasson continues to offer its high quality services after a prestigious half a century since it was founded. It provides travel services for the Icelandic market and has become one of the top coach companies in the country, being recognized for its strong business ethic and green awareness. For these and many other reasons, Teitur Jonasson has been nominated as one of the strongest companies in Iceland in 2013 and 2014 by the prestigious CredintInfo research. Highlighting the best and most stable companies of each year, CreditInfo is a good indicator on the viability and efficiency of a company and its shareholders. Of over 13,000 companies registered in Iceland for 2014, only 577 have passed the strict and high standards set by the research, proving their reliability on the ever-changing market. Being included in the Iceland's Strongest Companies list is considered among the most sought after and respected privileges for a company and Teitur Jonasson has been listed two years in a row.
Receiving the certification is not an easy task, as companies have to prove worthy, showing financial and managerial stability in time but also other important characteristics. As there are researches and certifications in most countries, the standards are usually not as strict as in Iceland, where the size of a company does not matter as much, being surpassed by other assessments. Some of the conditions to be included in the CreditInfo research for company strength include confirmed profit for three straight years, total assets exceeding 80 million ISK for three straight years, equity ratio of over 20% for three straight years, confirmed financial statements for three straight years and several others. As such, it becomes extremely challenging to meet these requirements and be included in the Iceland Strongest Company index. Nevertheless, Teitur Jonasson has been nominated two years in row, proving its worth and business performance.

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