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Published: 04th June 2017
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12th august 2015,3pm Tests are an integral part of schools and colleges. While they are essential to judge the students' progress, creating tests every week or every month can be a strenuous task for the teachers. This is where Addmen's test generating software comes into picture. Complete with a question bank as well as a technology to create the tests, this software is a great tool for educational institutes.
Question Bank
The question bank is where you save questions before you can start creating the test papers. The questions are prepared in a Word file where you have to make eight columns. The first column has the serial number, the second has the question, the next 4-5 columns have the answer options and the last column has the correct answer.
Once these questions are ready, you can transfer them into the question bank. Here, you can also categorize the questions according to class, subject, chapter, marks, etc. This makes it easier for the software to find the questions during the test paper generating process.
Test Paper Generation
For generating a test paper, first you have to define the test and create a blueprint. Here, you have to provide the details of the test like the subject, topic, number of questions, difficulty level, marks, etc. The software has been programmed to pick questions from the question bank randomly, on the basis of the blue print.
The question paper is generated quickly, with just one click. You can print this question paper for distribution during the test. The best thing about this software is that you can save the blueprint of the question paper for future use.for more details please visit to our website: www.admengroup.com

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