The Benefits of a Good Mentor

Published: 17th August 2015
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When you start a new business you need to begin on the right path. At the beginning and looking ahead you can see many different paths to follow. Learning which route is the correct one or which one leads to failure is one of the many things you will have to learn.

Think about it, here you are about to commence your journey with no prior knowledge, you have some idea of where you want to go but have no real idea of how to get there. You do have the will to reach for success and reward but somehow you're not quite sure in which direction you need to proceed. Just having the idea is just the beginning, which many people accomplish this but then fail to take the next step. There are many ways to take this step but finding the right path with Mentorship can save time and money.

Those who do resolve to proceed with that next step commonly tend to let enthusiasm take over and off they go, charging up the first track that looks like it's a winner. They often have no idea where it might lead but know they need to do something quickly or the urge might leave them, it also probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

Would you be the person I am describing in the above scenario? Well, you are likely to be in the majority and I guess the fact you are reading this means you are now doing some research and are searching for some guidance.

Let's review what may have transpired:

Did you conduct any research? No?

Did you produce a plan? No?

Did you take any advice? No?

Did you go out and purchase every eBook or course you came across? Yes?

Did you study and finish any of these eBooks? Some?

Did you finish any of these online courses? No?

Did you spend a lot of time and effort to gain little or no results? Yes?

Did you spend lots of money which you now think gained you nothing? Yes?

Do the majority of the questions and answers above ring true? If so, you are not alone, this is almost the standard now. Lots of people read and hear how easy it is to work from home and earn a living, then start out without proper planning or research. After a few months hard graft and effort they suddenly realise that it's not so easy, a lot of work and little or zero reward. It's at this point they generally do one of two things.

1. Give up and return to their day job, suffering the financial cost.

2. Decide, they need help.

The majority I'm afraid tend to go back to the day job, slightly more experienced but a lot poorer. One thing to note, without going through the various stages of failure and disappointment, we would never learn how vital research, planning and guidance are to the success of any business.

Even to carry out the research and planning you will probably need guidance in the form of a teacher or mentor. In this case a mentor would seem more appropriate as it's really just guidance that is required.

If you are starting an internet business, in whatever area or niche, you should think seriously before you act. The internet is overrun with pitfalls and dangers for the unwary. One of the most cost effective and sensible things to do is to seek out a knowledgeable and successfully mentor. You must be cautious in the selection of your mentor, there are many people out there masquerading as mentors, experts, gurus, or specialist, call them what you will, they will promise you every success and very often not delivery on it.

Having said that there are the genuine articles out there, a lot of them but you need be careful how you find them. Always have a backdoor or test period; then if you find they are not helping you, you can then recover any fees you have paid.

There are many companies who provide a marketplace for mentors to promote their services. The companies are able to guarantee payment methods and act as the go between, handling the payments and settling the refund if you are not happy with the service. So if you use the services of a go between for your initial sign up and payments you will have your get out should the service not be delivered.

Finding a good mentor can really start you off on the right path and over the years save you a lot of money, time and effort. They also as an added bonus can help grow you network and develop a presence on the internet; this alone is worth its weight in gold. They can open doors to a world you normal would not be able to gain access to and if they have a forum you can contact and work with them and other members to help lay down a solid foundation for your new enterprise, whatever that maybe. I know this is true because I am lucky enough to have found one and I am benefiting right now.


The Winners Inner Circle Reviewed a review site which details the benefits of good mentorship it has a blog on how and why I choose to find a mentor and what they are doing for me as I progress with my online goals. Go and have a look it cost nothing and it may be just what you need to help you achieve success. Gordon Trimby.

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