The Advantages Of Double Glazing

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Published: 06th February 2017
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When you make the choice to carry out home improvements, a strong contender is window replacement. Windows are a showcase feature and have the ability to define the appearance of your home. They are also one of the first things that will be noticed by passers by.

When it comes to deciding on window replacement, there are so many things to consider. One of the main reasons people choose to replace their window is not just for the appearance, but to invest in double glazing. If you're unsure on what double glazing is, it's a window which has two layers of glass with a space in-between them. This is designed to reduce the loss of heat and help exclude outside noise. They also have another benefit which is creating added security and safety for you and your home as they are almost impossible to break through unless used with extreme force.

Here are a few advantages of choosing double glazing for your home:

Energy efficiency and reduced energy bills
Due to the fact double glazed windows are designed to reduce heat loss, this contributes to keeping the price of your energy bills down. According to the the Energy Saving Trust, when swapping your single glazed windows for double glazed windows, you can make annual savings of approximately 170 per year. This is down to double glazing keeping in the majority of your heat, meaning it keeps you warmer in cooler evenings, therefore creating no need to turn on the heating. Good quality and fitted double glazing is said to last around 20 years, so if you're saving around 170 a year, you could save 3,400 over the 20 year period.

Reduced condensation
Condensation can be a problem for many homeowners, and getting rid of it can often be a hard battle to win. Double glazing helps to reduce the amount of damp in your home, often caused by condensation. This is due to the way in which double glazed windows are designed. As there is 2 panels of glass inside the window, the internal panel of glass is at a temperature closer to the temperature of the room inside, this then reduces the effect of internal air reaching it's point of dew and depositing water in the coldest part. Typically this is what happens when older single glazed units are installed.

Outside noise reduction
Double glazing can help to reduce outside noise, depending on what type of double glazing you have installed. If windows are properly fitted with no air gaps then some double glazed window systems can reduce outside noise by up to 75 percent.

However this is just part of deciding to replace your windows. Window replacement also comes with a hefty choice of window styles and designs, and also a very large amount of colour choices.
Energy efficient windows and double glazed windows are available from hundreds if not thousands of window installation companies, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

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