The Advantages of Professional Matchmaking Services

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Published: 30th April 2020
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In these days of constant Internet access it may seem easiest to use one of the many online dating sites to find the love of your life, but there are many advantages to preferring professional matchmaking services from a recognised introduction agency. One of the major advantages is that you vastly increase your chances of finding the right person if you use offline matchmaking services.

What Do Matchmaking Services Offer?

A matchmaking agency such as Vital Partners requires a face-to-face meeting between clients and a consultant from the company, and this automatically removes problems so often encountered in online dating services such as fake profiles, and people who claim to be seriously looking for a long-term relationship but who just want a casual fling.

Professional matchmaking services include screening of potential matches to ensure all clients are single and available for a serious relationship. All clients must give evidence to verify their identity and other details.

Meeting clients in person enables the consultants to select potential dates who are truly compatible and who have similar relationship goals. You always have an opportunity to review prospective dates and speak to them on the phone before you meet them, and so you remain in control. The number of dates professional matchmaking services offer is often unlimited, and guidance is always available from a consultant who understands you and your needs.

Professional matchmaking services are not free, but the money you spend is best viewed as an investment. You will undoubtedly make savings on multiple subscriptions to online sites that do little for you other than waste your time, and you'll also save money on expenses such as bars and restaurants used for blind dates that lead nowhere.

Why Avoid Online Sites?

Using online dating services can be a colossal waste of time simply because so many profiles are not genuine. You can get lucky, but many do not. They are also a feeding ground for scammers. An Australian study made by Choice in November 2014 found that scams are rife in online dating sites, and that many sites have terms and conditions that are 'riddled with disturbing provisions.' In 2013 alone Australians lost over $25 million to online dating site scammers, and a staggering 43% of people who joined sites such as RSVP, PoF, Oasis, and Tinder lost money through being victims. The scammers often take months to establish a relationship before they pounce.

If you are serious about finding the love of your life, choosing offline matchmaking services could save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache. For more info visit:

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