The Art of Branding Yourself. Why THE 6/7 Figure Earners do it

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Do you run a home business and are struggling with finding the right people?

Are you in network or internet marketing and it feels like there arenít enough people to talk to?

The key is branding yourself to literally attract the right people into your opportunity.

Work on promoting and branding yourself over your business.

In my last post I went into why you brand yourself to become a more successful entrepreneur. In this post I will show you how and what to do when branding yourself to literally attract like-minded personalities 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all on cruise control.

No one likes a salesman

Nobody wants or likes to be sold. Even people that have interest in what you are doing will get turned off when they feel like you are trying to sell them. If you put into practice the law of attraction then people will begin to cling and be driven to you like a magnet.

The secret to using this power in the most effective way is to do this both online and offline.

By using tools such as the internet and technology, you will be able to promote and place yourself as a professional in your niche market, by successfully branding yourself. By sharing your knowledge people will begin to come to you and be attracted to what you do because they see you as someone they could and would follow. As I said in my blog about market value, guru Mike Dillard time in and time out has said ďif you know 1% more than the next person, you are an expert!Ē

Leaders are Readers

Become more knowledgeable about your industry, business and become a personal development guru. The more knowledgeable you become the more you will be seen as a professional and true leader. By branding yourself as a leader you must realize that true leaders are always working on getting better. If you have read this far you can pat yourself on the back for taking some baby steps towards become a real leader. By enhancing your knowledge you will be able to share this information, educating people and in the process branding yourself as an expert. Remember if someone doesnít know much about a subject, and you know 1% more, than people are much more likely to buy your product or service or join you in your business opportunity.

People donít care what you know until they know that you care

It is important to provide valuable information to people but when branding yourself you must focus on building relationships more than anything. Be sure to be sincere and genuine while educating and sharing your knowledge. Donít try and be someone you are not by lying and being dishonest because people will see right through you. When branding yourself, especially in the beginning, focus on your brand as being someone that is consistently trying to better yourself. By building good relationships and creating respect and loyalty you will create for yourself a HUGE BUSINESS! When people get attached you they will join anything you do.

Branding yourself with websites

Whom would you rather join. A rep coming at you from out of the blue, approaching you about their great business opportunity, whom you know little about or even a good friend. Or a known network marketer who randomly sent you an email about the same opportunity but whose name when you enter it into Google screams success. A professional, whom it is apparent knows branding yourself is important, because they have their picture plastered all over it with videos and audios sharing their personal secrets and talking about their story of success and struggles that they strove through to succeed.

Success sells. You would choose the professional. Everyone wants to join a leader. Leaders establish themselves as professionals.

People are emotional creatures. They join, buy, and follow because of emotion. When you focus on branding yourself and building relationships you will open up a world of opportunity that you probably didnít even realize was possible.

Quick review of what weíve covered so far. Focus on branding yourself over your company. That is not to say do not promote your company but it is more important to get your name out there before anything else. Know 1% more than the next person and market yourself as a leader in your industry. Help people realize you are consistently getting better and that you want others to be successful and thrive as well. Help people want to be a student of yours so they will come to know, like and trust you. Lastly use the tools and resources at our disposal to be efficient in branding yourself. Once you put something on the internet, its out there forever. If donít properly that one article of value will consistently be building relationships and consistently giving yourself exposure. All on cruise control, available 24/7.

Branding Yourself by Broadcasting

You want to get your knowledge and face into as many relevant alleyways as possible. This means making as many content rich videos, blog posts, articles and other marketing materials, chalked-full of you branding yourself, as possible.

In the beginning this will seem like a chore and you will probably struggle but the outcome will be unbelievable. You will have an army of materials out there branding yourself and building relationships, all on auto-pilot. If you are consistent with this you will begin to attract an unimaginable amount of the right people, all looking for someone just like you!

All these materials are simply building relationships with people without you even having to ever talk to people. By branding yourself properly, by the time people get on the phone with you, they will be so excited that theyíre actually talking to you in person that they will be asking you what or how they can join you.

Doesnít that sound nice?

Welcome to the world of attraction marketing. All starting with branding yourself.

Like Attracts Like

The way you portray yourself while branding yourself is very important when it comes to the types of people you attract into your business.

If you publish a video with value while wearing a wife-beater with stains all over it, then the people that you will most likely be building an emotional connection with, may not be the most quality prospects out there. If you present yourself as a thug then you will attract thugs. If you are wearing a polo, you will be more relatable with others who most likely wear collared shirts.

This is not to say any are better than the other but it is simply to make you aware of the question: what type of person do you want to work with . The beautiful thing about our industry is that we have the power of choice. Remember that like attracts like and be sincere and genuine when branding yourself. You must be yourself and if you donít think the person you are will attract the people you desire than you must become what you desire. Work on branding yourself as a 6-7 figure earner whom has priceless value if those are the types of leaders you want to attract into your business.

Work on branding yourself by getting better with every opportunity you can. Leaders attend seminars. They go to events. They read. And they build relationships through providing value. Keep this in mind.

As Eric Worre always says:
Our industry isnít perfect, itís just better

Be better by getting better.
Focus on Branding Yourself

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