The Benefits of Hosted IT Support for Chicago Business

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Published: 05th December 2016
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As the new year moves forward, many companies will look for ways to reduce operating expenses and implement better IT solutions without experiencing a decline in productivity. For companies in the Windy City that lack internal IT resources, one of the most painless ways to achieve these goals is opting for a hosted support package from a provider of IT support for Chicago business. Below are four of the most important benefits of this arrangement.

Reduced Implementation Costs

The most noticeable benefit of using hosted solutions is that they involve a low cost of implementation. The service provider owns and maintains the resources that comprise the solution, and charges the customer a monthly fee that is based on options in the service package. Implementing infotech solutions such as server virtualization and desktop virtualization can cost thousands of dollars upfront -- an expense that hosted solutions all but eliminate.

Access to Expertise

If a company lacks IT resources in house, it should consult with a provider of IT support for Chicago business before it makes any moves that would pull significant capital from the operating budget. Consultative services cost money, but they help companies conserve capital by presenting solutions that save money and increase productivity. In the absence of consultation, many companies find themselves trapped in a game of trial and error with infotech solutions.

Access to Elite Technology

Another benefit of receiving hosted support is that it puts companies in connection with elite technology. To retain its competitive edge, the provider is motivated to replace existing technologies long before they become obsolete. Instead of hassling with software patches, implementing new programs, and purchasing new hardware, the customer can focus on core functions while the service provider automatically upgrades the technology behind its offerings.

More Time for Core Functions

Using hosted solutions allows companies to focus on core functions while the service provider manages the solutions. If a company lacks an in house IT department, deploying infotech services are probably not among its core functions. Hosted services allow such a company to delegate its infotech needs to an experienced third party provider. The goal is for the company to be highly productive at core functions, and hosted infotech services help it do this.


Companies commonly enjoy at least four important benefits when they receive hosted IT support for Chicago business: reduced operating costs, access to expertise, access to elite technology, and more time for core functions. If your company needs assistance determining whether hosted infotech services would be a good fit for its present needs, contact an experienced provider of third party infotech services today to schedule a free consultation.

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