The best hotels in Dubai marina on a budget

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of budget accommodation however you must make your choices carefully.

Dubai is definitely one of the most glorious and fast paced global cities that attract tons of visitors and travellers every year. Dubai is certainly a travel hotspot and is a Megapolis which is home to some of the biggest hotels and other hospitality and lifestyle properties that are frequented by the global elite and rich and famous. The city offers a luxurious and addictive lifestyle to residents and travellers alike. There are tons of accommodation options available in Dubai but you must make your choice very carefully indeed. There are several options available when it comes to finding a good intercontinental hotel Dubai including some really landmark properties. However, these may not always be the best options for you by all means. These hotels are pretty expensive and will cost you hugely in terms of overall charges, taxes and other costs for add-ons and other amenities. In this context, you should check out other options in the Megapolis.
Dubai marina apartments should definitely be known to you. There are multiple marina apartments that you can check out instead of regular hotels. There are several apartments that are available in Dubai and these are known for their comparative affordability in relation to regular hotels. Service apartments or hotel apartments as they are more commonly referred to in Dubai, come with several facilities at a fraction of the cost you would have to incur if you were staying in a hotel for more than a week or even more. If youíre spending longer periods of time in Dubai, these apartments make for the best budget options. However, you should make your choice very carefully. As is Dubaiís penchant, there are tons of choices that may make your task more confusing. Here is where you have to consider options like location, connectivity, special facilities, provisions for excursions and more.
The Golden Sands Dubai is a great option in terms of Dubai marina hotel apartments. The Golden Sands Dubai will help you stay for longer periods of time in luxuriously designed and well fitted apartments without paying a bomb from your own pocket. Additionally, these hotel apartments also come with several special amenities and facilities that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The Golden Sands Dubai also benefits you by way of location, i.e. it lies near several landmarks and prime attractions in Dubai and also gives you easy connectivity to the metro network for easier travelling and transportation.

Jenni Sands is a hospitality expert and offers advice on choosing hotels and hotel apartments in Dubai.

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